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The requirements for running LDO are that you are running on MS Windows (2000, XP, Vista) and that you have Ruby installed. LDO uses the vruby GUI toolkit, which only supports MS Windows.

Install Ruby

Ruby 1.8.5 is required for running LDO. If Ruby is not installed, download the Ruby installer from Rubyforge. Run the installer to install Ruby.

Install LDO

Download the LdoWizard zip file from Sourceforge. Create or navigate to the directory where you want to install the software. Unzip the LdoWizard zip file into your LDO directory. Note that the zip file does not include any path information, therefore you have to create any directories the you want to contain the software yourself.

Running LDO

If your Ruby installation has established associations for the Ruby file extensions you can double click on the LdoWizardWindow.rb file to execute the LDO Wizard. Otherwise, open a DOS window, navigate to the directory where LDO is installed, and run it with the command

ruby LdoWizardWindow.rb